OOOMEGA 100% plantbased Flax Drink is delicious to drink on it’s own or in coffee and tea and hot chocolate.

Both ORIGINAL or the ORIGINAL SWEETENED can be blended with any fresh fruit to make a healthy breakfast smoothie.

They can also be used to make porridge or poured over cereal for a great start the day.

Our ORIGINAL version can be stirred into soup for a creamy texture.

The ORIGINAL SWEETENED, which is slightly sweetened and works well for custard and rice puddings.

We’re sure you’ll find a million other healthy ways to use this versatile new ingredient in your every day recipes and we hope you’ll let us know about them!

We’re looking forward to trying your ideas out for ourselves and seeing just how creative you can be with your OOOMEGA Flax Drink.

Please feel free to share your images with us either through instagram or Facebook.