Blog 1 January 2018;

A fresh new page has been turned – hello 2018! Wondering what this year will bring on the food market? A vegan food trend revolution is on its way!

Veganism to become the biggest food trend in 2018

A major delivery service Just Eat claims veganism is to become the largest consumer trend in 2018! According to their data, an overwhelming amount of their users are taking steps to adopt a healthier lifestyle this year. This is bringing about quite a vegan food trend. Similarly, a major UK charity Veganuary which inspires people to try vegan for the whole month of January has recently broken the mark of 75.000 pledgers. This is more than 3 times the amount of people who tried veganism in January 2016! Another major report published by a market research firm Baum + Whiteman also predicted that plant-based food options will become the mega-trend of 2018! Beyond the vegan food trend, there has also been a considerable rise in people choosing gluten-free food options, which is predicted to continue in 2018 as well.

What will more interest in vegan diets bring in 2018? 

In turn, many businesses and start-ups across the world are recognizing consumers’ demand for a healthier, more balanced and nutritionally rich diet. With plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options coming up in major cities across the world, adopting a more plant-based diet is becoming easier than ever! Not only does the increase in veganism show through as a major vegan food trend in restaurants and catering services, it also stretches far beyond! VegNews reports an explosion in the vegan market when it comes to monthly gift box programmes, toxin- and cruelty-free skincare and cosmetics, as well as eco-friendly tableware and cutlery.

First introduction to plant-based foods and beverages

At Ooomega, we work hard to ensure that our plant-based drinks cater to a wide audience. We’re excited to hear that a growing amount of people are willing to take a more diverse and nutritious approach to their eating habits. Moreover, we’re confident our 3 plant-based flax drinks celebrate tasty and healthy food and are there for everyone willing to taste something different! Trying out delicious new foods with Ooomega is suitable for the widest range of food lovers – not just vegans and vegetarians, but anyone trying to reduce their sugar and saturated fat intake, individuals with gluten or soy allergies or just anyone passionate about good-tasting and nourishing drinks!

Your Ooomega team would also like to use this opportunity to wish you a healthy, fulfilling and adventurous 2018!